Our work is based on three areas of focus: advocacy, research and community development. These form the basis of our programmes and support our vision to implement youth-led sustainable development within the AIMS region. Below we look into what advocacy, research and community development mean to SYAH. Detailed information on our projects and advocacy campaigns can be found by browsing our programmes.


Advocacy is a critical part of our mission. After all, much of the world’s road-map towards a sustainable future depends on the approval of our decision-makers, and so does the future of young people who automatically inherit these decisions. SYAH is an interface between young people and decision-makers.

Through our advocacy projects, we aim to equip young people with the necessary capacity and tools to become effective advocates for sustainable development. We also aim to provide young people opportunities to influence policy-and-decision-making processes, on a national, regional and global level.


Research also forms an integral basis of SYAH: it steers the course of our work, as well as supporting our advocacy and community development programs. Our priority areas for research include sustainable development, youth development, and social entrepreneurship.

​In the long run, we aim to support research by young graduates in these areas so as to promote research among youth, open up job avenues for young people in the field of research, and complement literature where lacking in the region.


We believe in the power of local communities in advancing sustainable development. Our community development programs on education and training, volunteering, social entrepreneurship and other hands-on environmental and social projects aim towards building active and sustainable communities.

​Our programmes are specifically designed for empowering vulnerable and marginalised youth, as well as working with secondary schools to integrate education for sustainability in their curricula.

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