Seeing Blue

The Seeing Blue project was set up to gather young people from SIDS to become the champions and agents of change for our marine environment. The ocean is the heritage of young islanders, and they will have to inherit the consequences of poor decisions which are causing the destruction of the ocean.
The project places young people at the centre of developing solutions for our oceans, for their own future.


The Seeing Blue project is for young people, by young people and its core objectives include:

  • Protecting our ocean by empowering the youth to be the champions and agents of change for our marine environment. The youth will have the opportunity to speak confidently about the issues facing our oceans and engage all stakeholders to break down key challenges faced by the oceans.
  • Supplying an ocean innovation lab enabling young people to create and implement solutions which address key ocean-related issues. The collective action from young people and youth-led sustainable development will raise awareness on ocean conservations.
  • Providing a space for young people and citizens to get involved in hands-on activities which contribute to ocean conservation. The project will give young people and vulnerable groups such as fisherman and coastal communities a voice to discuss the future of our oceans and set the agenda alongside corporate and government officials.
  • Giving rise to a movement of informed, inspired and dedicated “Seatizen” leaders, irrespective of the field or career path they choose. Protecting the oceans is everyone’s business. The active “Seatizens” will be equipped with leadership and project management skills which will encourage them to tackle ocean issues.

Seeing Blue was created in 2014 and has been launching on-going activities with their own objectives and events:

The Young Ocean Champions Award has:

  • Empowered young people to protect oceans as agents of change.
  • Created awareness for ocean preservation and management.
  • Connected networks, resources and ideas of young people to tackle key issues that affect our oceans.
  • Set up a movement to create a generation of informed, inspired and dedicated “Seatizen” Leaders.
  • Encouraged research into ocean-related issues.
  • Developed partnerships between stakeholders of the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

The Multi stakeholder Dialogues Oceans + Policy AdvocaSea by drafting and publishing a Youth Resolution every two years have:

  • Encouraged inclusiveness – the ocean belongs to everyone and everyone should be concerned about its preservation. Everyone should be involved in decision making around oceans, may it be the government, the fishermen community, hotels, private companies, academia, NGOs, regional and international organizations, etc.
  • Empowered communities – Seeing Blue tries to foster leadership by focusing on building the capacity of youth as well as bring the fishermen community to the table.
  • Gave voice to the unheard – youth, fishermen, women, etc.
  • Provided a safe space for dialogue on oceans.

The Capacity-Building Training (including residential training boot camps for the Young Champions participants who took part in the Young Ocean Champions Award) has:

  • Literally plunged young people in the ocean – providing materials like scuba diving will enable the youth to be more in contact with the marine environment as a transformative way to inspire them about the beauty of the marine environment and the need to protect it.
  • Developed a platform for mentoring young ocean champions in small island developing states.
  • Developed ocean leadership capabilities in young people of island states.
  • Made young people become multi-skilled especially in terms of ocean management.
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