We are an impact driven NGO that focus on key projects of developing countries in the Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean, Mediterranean and the South China Sea, working towards a more sustainable tomorrow. SYAH implements cross-border programmes through support to small islands’ initiatives; builds law enforcement networks; campaigns to bring active awareness of the climate change and educate & trains young people on how to create positive waves on the environment towards a more sustainable planet. The urgency is real out there! Time is not what we have anymore – We need to act NOW!

We want to see change.

The road to change is at the intersection of hearty will power, robust strategy, and many, many supporters like you.

We advocate for our blue planet.

We focus on solutions and have a clear end goal, a healthy planet for you, our families and our generations to come—is fundamental to all of our work.

We empower young leaders.

At SYAH, we are a collection of passionate people who love the planet, the ocean and a brighter future for the next generation. We are thankful for the opportunity to share this with you.